San Francisco Giants: Sergio Romo’s Top Five Moments

By Daniel Sperry
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San Francisco Giants
Oct 24, 2012; San Francisco, CA, USA; San Francisco Giants pitcher Sergio Romo (54) high fives teammate Brian Wilson prior to game one of the 2012 World Series against the Detroit Tigers at AT /

Romo Moment(s) Number 4: ALL the “Romo Bombs”

One thing about Romo was his love to goof around in the dugout. A prankster, and overall character within the clubhouse, Romo loved to have fun. The balance in character: the fiery passion on the mound, coupled with the off the cuff, goofiness in the dugout.

Romo gained a whole lot of noteriety in the 2012 postseason for his “romo-bombs” basically photo bombing anybody doing a T.V. spot, or being interviewed in the Giants dugout. If you were there, you were fair game. Romo got good ol’ Amy Gutierrez plenty of times, but definitely got reporters like Erin Andrews, Tom Verducci, Ken Rosenthal, and many more during the 2012 postseason run. He even got his own teammates in Pablo and a few others.

Romo loved to have fun in the dugout, but definitely got serious when it was his time to take the mound. That character contrast, and crazy antics will definitely be missed in the Bay Area. For now, reporters are safe, unless a new jokester is ready to take on that role. A personal favorite for it?

Hunter Pence

. Although, Pence just naturally is a walking goofball. Anyways, here is a compilation a YouTube user put together of a bunch of “Romo Bombs.” Enjoy!