San Francisco Giants: Top 10 Center Fielders in Franchise History

By Daniel Sperry
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San Francisco Giants
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No. 5 Benny Kauff, 14.4 WAR.

Kauff actually succeeded Snodgrass as the Giants’ centerfielder following the 1915 season. Kauff played from 1916-1920 for the Giants. Kauff was a slugger in his time, amassing 275 extra base hits in his eight year career. Kauff hit 49 home-runs, topping out at 12 in 1915. He spent a few years bouncing around between a couple of Federal League teams before Joining the Giants in 1916. He ended his career with the Giants in 1920.

Kauff boasts a career .769 OPS which is really good for a player in his time. For example, Kauff has the 13th highest career OPS for those who played from the beginning of baseball until 1920. Intriguing enough, he is the first person on this list to have a slugging percentage during their time with the Giants above .400 since Marvin Bernard at number 10. As I said, Kauff was a slugger for his time, which explains his high RBI totals. Kauff’s RBI totals never dipped under 50 when he played a full season, and he topped out at 74 RBI in his first year with the Club.

Kauff has a rightful place on this list, being one of the better sluggers of the Dead-Ball era, and enjoying great success with the New York Giants.