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San Francisco Giants: Top 10 Center Fielders in Franchise History

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No. 8: Cy Seymour, 11.8 WAR

When you look at the list overall on Baseball Reference’s play index, their years of service are somewhat misleading in that format. You’d have to flip over to the player page to actually get the full picture. Seymour is another one of the 19th Century club on this list. The Play Index has him as a member of the Giants from 1896-1910, which is misleading. Seymour started out as a member of the New York Giants in 1896, and played there through the 1900 season. Between 1901 and 1906, Seymour played for the Baltimore Orioles and the Cincinnati Reds before being traded back to the Giants in 1906. He then finished his career with the Giants.

Seymour’s numbers in his combined stints are pretty decent overall. A lack of power is the big knock on his resume. Seymour’s Giants slash-line comes in at .285/.329/.369/.697. Seymour is the only one in the top ten with a sub-.700 OPS with the Giants. Oddly enough, his career OPS a .752, clearly benefitting from his .800+ OPS during his tenure with the Reds. The lack of power numbers is something that just comes with the territory though, considering Babe Ruth‘s record breaking 29 home-run season came in 1919. Seymour was long gone before then.

Seymour’s place on this list is likely a benefit of his 10 years in a Giants. However, the replacement factor does need to be factored in. For his time, Seymour was a good player. And for that, he has a place on our list.