San Francisco Giants: Top 10 Center Fielders in Franchise History

By Daniel Sperry
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San Francisco Giants
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No. 2 Bobby Thompson, 25.8 WAR

Thompson is always known for, “the shot heard ’round the world.” He did more than just that, accumulating the second highest WAR by somebody who played centerfield for the New York Giants. Thompson played for the Giants for nine years, including a half a season stint later on thanks to a trade. Thompson totaled 198 Home-runs and 704 RBI in his time with the Giants. Thompson’s best years came in New York, considering most of his years came there.

A slashline of .277/.337/.484/.821 over his time in San Francisco is mightily impressive. He is the first on the list to break an .800 OPS and is just the second to have a slugging percentage above .400. He didn’t have the stolen base numbers as many others have had, only 31 in his time with the Giants.

Thompson started out as a centerfielder, with his career starting in 1946. Thompson made the move to third base once a certain star came along in 1951 and 1952 and stole the show in centerfield. Thompson still played roughly 30 games a year in centerfield, and another 30 in left. Thompson is an all-time great Giant. But he isn’t THE All-Time great. That belongs to number one on our list.