And the San Francisco Giants Oscar Nominations Are…

By Michael Saltzman
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San Francisco Giants
Johnny Cueto gave up just one run in his complete game against San Diego Wednesday night. Not that it makes him special—Madison Bumgarner did the same thing the night before. Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports /

Best Foreign Language Film

With so many players from all around the world playing baseball, it is important to have interpreters to expose the Giants players to the fans. Whether it is Amy Gutierrez after games, or Giants holding press conferences, the team has asked Erwin Higueros to bring the Giants Spanish speaking players to us. Higueros is the play-by-play announcer for the Giants Spanish language broadcasts, and his ability to be an interpreter for the players has made the team more accessible to fans.

And the Nominees For Best Foreign Language Film Are:

  • Johnny Cueto’s Introductory Press Conference
  • Johnny Cueto’s Interview About Popeye
  • Johnny Cueto’s Post Game Interview in the NLDS

And the Winner Is:

Johnny Cueto’s Introductory Press Conference

Cueto became an instant fan favorite in San Francisco. Three starts into the season, he had three straight seven inning outings and was exceeding every fan’s expectations. His interviews were always informative and entertaining. His instagram is a must follow as well, and his ability to be honest and funny is rare in sports.

Best Short Film

We live in fast paced world where our attention spans seem to be shrinking by the day. We have shortened content to GIFs and Memes and Vine videos and made information quick and simple.

Giants fans certainly have had their fun with this phenomenon, as they have created some of the best GIFs in sports, showcasing the team in all different sorts of ways.

And the Nominees for Best Short Film Are:

  • Bruce Bochy VR Glasses
  • Madison Bumgarner Makes Clayton Kershaw React to his Home Run again
  • Johnny Cueto Blowing the Perfect Bubble
  • Derek Law Towel Waving
  • Buster Posey Meets Third Base

And the Winner Is:

Derek Law Towel Waving

The story of the Derek Law towel waving might even be better than the towel waving itself. As fans were waving the towels given out for that night’s game, Law asked a fan if he could use his. Law then preceded to cheer like the other 40,000 fans at AT&T Park as the Giants were fighting for a win in the heat of the NLDS.

That kind of raw emotion sometimes gets lost in today’s game. Not on this night, and not with this GIF creation, courtesy of Derek Law. It stood out as the Best Short Film of 2016.