And the San Francisco Giants Oscar Nominations Are…

By Michael Saltzman
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Matt Duffy, Fan Favorite. (Kenny Karst-USA TODAY Sports)
Matt Duffy, Fan Favorite. (Kenny Karst-USA TODAY Sports) /

Best Original Screenplay

In the social media age, the Giants have taken full advantage of the opportunity to create original and entertaining content for the fans.

From hilarious commercials to special moments captured on YouTube, the Giants have no shortage of compelling entertainment.

And the Nominees for Best Original Screenplay Are:

  • Brandon Belt in Rebrand Brandon
  • Matt Duffy in Wolf of AT&T Park
  • Javier Lopez, Buster Posey and Sergio Romo in Mi Amor Dos
  • Hunter Pence Disney Wedding Proposal
  • Buster Posey in Orange Steel

And the Winner is:

Hunter Pence Disney Wedding Proposal

For as great as all of the creative content was that the Giants made in 2016, nothing can top the genuine love Hunter Pence has for his wife Lexi. His proposal stands alone as the best Original Screenplay of 2016.

Best Adapted Screenplay

The Giants are fortunate to have so many accomplished beat writers in the Bay Area. Each and every day, the Giants are covered by men and women who have worked tirelessly to bring fans relevant content that is both informative, accurate and meaningful.

And the Nominees for Best Adapted Screenplay Are: 

  • Andrew Baggarly
  • Grant Brisbee
  • Chris Haft
  • Alex Pavlovic
  • Hank Schulman

And the winner is:

Alex Pavlovic

Pavlovic has really expanded his work to include in-depth podcasts that lets fans get to know the players, coaches and front office members as well as continue to write meaningful content on the Giants day in and day out.

His alerts on Twitter to inform fans when a pitcher is hitting or his humorous takes on specific ways the Giants remain undefeated, Pavlovic stood out in 2016 as the Best Giants Writer of the Year.