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San Francisco Giants: Top Ten Left-Handed Starting Pitchers

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The San Francisco Giants were founded in 1883. They have won more games than any team in Major League baseball history. In continuation of our All-Time list this offseason, we will now be looking at the greatest left-handed starting pitchers in team history.

The San Francisco Giants have had some incredible starting pitchers in their history, so many that we have decided to dedicate two posts to honor some of the greatest hurlers in team history by handedness. Thanks to Baseball Reference, we have the ability to compare players from different era and from different centuries. We will be able to compare Giants from both New York and San Francisco, dating back to the beginning of our national pastime.

One incredible member of the San Francisco Giants who will not appear on this list, but I want to honor anyways is Dave Dravecky. Although his days as a Giant unfortunately ended prematurely, he has been an inspiration to many, and will always be a historical member of the organization.

How does current San Francisco Giants ace Madison Bumgarner stack up against the all-time great lefties in team history? Well, you will have to read to find out.