San Francisco Giants: Possible Trade Targets

By Jake Mastroianni
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MLB: San Diego Padres at Tampa Bay Rays
MLB: San Diego Padres at Tampa Bay Rays /

Corey Dickerson

Corey Dickerson is coming off a pretty good year with the Tampa Bay Rays where he hit .245 with 24 home runs and 70 RBIs in 148 games.

He’s now hit 24 home runs twice in his abbreviated career. Dickerson is still just 27 and this is first year of arbitration, which means he’s under club control for three more years.

The Tampa Bay Rays just traded for a young outfielder in Mallex Smith, so it makes sense that they may want to move Dickerson while the iron is hot.

He is another left-handed bat, which will fit well in the middle of the lineup. His splits are not too dramatic, but he’s definitely hit better against lefties throughout his career.

I’m not exactly sure what the Rays would want in exchange for Dickerson. He’s still fairly young and under team control for a while, so I’m sure they’d want another young, controllable prospect in return.

However, I don’t think the Giants would have to give up any of their top prospects to land him, and if that’s the case then I think it would be a good move to add some left-handed pop in the lineup.