San Francisco Giants: Possible Trade Targets

By Jake Mastroianni
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MLB: Kansas City Royals at Oakland Athletics
MLB: Kansas City Royals at Oakland Athletics /

Mike Moustakas 

We haven’t spent much time talking about upgrading at third base because most people are satisfied with Eduardo Nunez and Conor Gillaspie. However, if the better deal is to get a third baseman then I think the San Francisco Giants will pull the trigger.

The Kansas City Royals are reportedly shopping Moustakas who is coming off a shortened season in which he only played 27 games. That’s after having a break out season in 2015 where he hit .284 with 22 home runs and 82 RBIs while leading the Royals to a World Series title.

Moustakas was a highly touted prospect coming up, but it took him nearly five years to put it altogether at the major league level. He’s still just 28 years old, so there is a lot to hope for him if he can stay healthy.

The problem for the Royals is that you’d have to be giving him away at a discounted price right now because he’s coming off an injury plagued season.

He’ll be a free agent after the season and he’s only owed $8.7 million. If the Kansas City Royals are looking to tear things down and start over, then they need to move Moustakas.

He does bat left-handed, but I don’t think he’s good enough to hit in the 3-hole to split up Posey and Pence. In fact, Moustakas is pretty much the same as Brandon Belt at this point.

I’m not sure he’s the best option right now, but he’s definitely someone to consider if things don’t turn out well at third with Nunez and Gillaspie.