San Francisco Giants: Possible Trade Targets

By Jake Mastroianni
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MLB: Chicago White Sox at Detroit Tigers
MLB: Chicago White Sox at Detroit Tigers /

J.D. Martinez 

There have been some rumors of the Detroit Tigers looking to deal J.D. Martinez this offseason, but nothing has really progressed. I still don’t know if the Tigers are trying to be contenders this year, or looking to tear things down and rebuild.

He will play this year at age 29 after hitting .307 with 22 home runs and a .373 on-base-percentage in 120 games last year. He really broke out in 2015 when he hit 38 home runs and drove in 102 over 158 games.

He hasn’t played left field since 2014, but it’s the outfield and he’s a major league player, he’ll figure it out.

Martinez is also right-handed, which doesn’t help to break up the void of righties in Posey and Pence. He is still a dangerous hitter though.

This season will be the last year of his contract in which he’s owed $11.75 million, so it wouldn’t be a ton of money to take on. However, it would be a one-year rental, but I think the Giants have what it takes to win it this year, so you might as well go for it all.

If the Tigers aren’t blown away by anybody in a deal for Martinez ,then my guess is they start the year with him on the team and then move him during the season when they realize they’re not that good.