San Francisco Giants: Possible Trade Targets

By Jake Mastroianni
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MLB: Boston Red Sox at San Francisco Giants
MLB: Boston Red Sox at San Francisco Giants /

Here we take a look at some possible trade candidates for the San Francisco Giants as they prepare to make a run at another World Series title in 2017.

There are not many holes left for this San Francisco Giants team, but there is always room for improvement on a ball club throughout the year.

Most people would say that the one position where the Giants need an upgrade the most is in left field. However, as someone commented on Twitter after I mentioned this before, Mac Williamson still has some upside in his bat at age 26.

Third base is another position where the San Francisco Giants could look to make an upgrade this year.

I think it would be wise for the San Francisco Giants to explore possible trades to strengthen a lineup that is ready to compete for a title, and I’m sure they are doing just that.

The Los Angeles Dodgers are not sitting back on their heels, so neither should the San Francisco Giants. The goal is always to win the NL West and not worry about a one game Wild Card scenario.

Even though the Giants won the Wild Card game last year, it’s not something you want to rely on every year. And in order to win the division you have to be ready to go from day one.

Sure the Giants could always make improvements at the trade deadline, but if you enter the year with those players then it might be the difference in winning the division and playing in the Wild Card game.

However unlikely it may be, here are a few trade candidates that the San Francisco Giants should check in on.