San Francisco Giants: Top Ten Prospects for 2017

By Daniel Sperry
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Prospect Number 5: Chris Shaw

He has a position block so he may be MLB ready before a spot opens up for him. Chris Shaw is one of the top 10 1B prospects in baseball according to MLB Pipeline. Shaw has raw power, hitting 16 HRs in 72 games in San Jose Last Season.

He has a great eye and plate discipline, he just needs to make consistent contact against higher level pitching. He should start at Richmond next season. If he can show that he can handle a higher level of pitching in then there might be some angst to get him up to Sacramento at some point. However the Giants would be wise to keep in Richmond the whole year.

Shaw could be on the fast track, but because of Brandon Belt, I’m sure the Giants would be more than willing to take the necessary time in developing him. ETA for him? I’d say 2019.