San Francisco Giants: Top Ten Prospects for 2017

By Daniel Sperry
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Prospect Number 6: Andrew Suarez

Andrew Suarez burst up the Giants’ prospect boards. I kinda laugh at MLB Pipeline’s grading of him. 50 is technically average, and he’s either there or above average on everything (pitches and command), but yet they grade his overall at 45, which is slightly below average. I guess it’s a curse to be slightly above average in everything? I don’t know. We’ll see. Suarez actually seems like a better bet to make a starting rotation in his future than others.

He already has all four pitches developed, and can locate them well. He got hit pretty good in his move up to Richmond this year though. He most likely will start out there and if he shows that he has graduated that AA level, the Giants probably wouldn’t hesitate to move him to Sacramento. I think a lot of it will depend on who is managing where.

If they have good pitcher developing staff in Sacramento, they might want to get him there earlier so he can work with a good staff to develop him. I’ll give Suarez a solid 2019 MLB ETA, just because he hasn’t been in the minors that long.