San Francisco Giants: Top Ten Prospects for 2017

By Daniel Sperry
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Prospect Number 9: Heath Quinn

Heath Quinn is a lot like Reynolds in the fact that they were drafted this year and are immediately a presence in the organization. Quinn hits for high average and high power, and can play good defense as well. Quinn has always had good success at the plate, it’s a matter of will his power numbers translate to the professional level.

Through college, the cape cod leagues, and his first time in professional baseball, Quinn’s OPS has hovered around .900. That in itself is impressive. Quinn should shoot up the prospect boards in the next year or two. If I’m the Giants, I start him at Augusta and move him up as quickly between each level, as he proves he can hit there.

Quinn looks like he might have the potential to be a fast mover within the organization, so I give him an ETA of 2020. His potential power output is probably what has me the most excited. I think he might be able to consistently hit .290 with 20ish hrs. If he can continue to hit at the level he’s shown throughout his career, he could provide Hunter Pence level production.