San Francisco Giants Offseason: AtF Staff Roundtable Discussion

By Daniel Sperry
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Now for a few questions from our followers and readers!

(Michael Saltzman)  J.D. Martinez. He would be the perfect fit for our lineup and he would start in LF. Best option of the group.

(Chris Estrada)  If the tigers are indeed sellers, JD Martinez can be a trade target. Has the power the Giants are looking for and is familiar with the National League having come up with the Astros organization. Giants have a surplus of pitching prospects that could be offered in return.

(Taylor Corbin)  If the Giants can pull a trade off for J.D. Martinez it may be worth exploring, depending on price.  Over the past three seasons he’s hit 83 HRs, and 246 RBIs posting batting averages of .315, 282, and .307 respectively.  The Tigers have been rumored to like the Giants’ pitching prospects, so maybe the trio of Tyler Beede, Ray Black, Chris Stratton or Christian Arroyo?  If a closer is signed, Ray Black becomes expendable with intriguing value. 

(Daniel Sperry)  First off, the rumor of all this stuff between the Giants and Tigers came from speculation based off a vague quote from Tigers GM, Al Avila. There is nothing concrete to any rumor floating around about them. However, if the Giants and Tigers were really to talk, the only player worth asking about is J.D. Martinez, because he fills an obvious need. The issue with this is the Tigers want to get younger, which means going after good young players like Joe Panik. A lot of teams would love to have Panik. The Yankees apparently wanted Panik for Miller, and the Giants didn’t pull the trigger on that, so that should tell you how the Giants feel about moving him. If they can get Martinez without losing Panik, Arroyo, or another top prospect then fine. If not, hang up on Avila.