San Francisco Giants Offseason: AtF Staff Roundtable Discussion

By Daniel Sperry
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The San Francisco Giants offseason might be the most important one this decade. With the first few days of Free Agency in the books, the rumors about the Giants are flying everywhere. While some are legit, others are rooted in speculation surrounding vague quotes, and wishful thinking.

The San Francisco Giants rumor mill is running at full volume. First you have the meetings with both Aroldis Chapman and Mark Melancon. Then you have rumored interest in Yoenis Cespedes, on top of trade rumors with them and Detroit.

A lot of this has come from out of the blue, with most of these rumors being legitimate. However, we feel bad for those who get caught up in the speculation and believe it to be actual rumors. As a staff, we decided to speculate a little bit as to what might go down this offseason. Where do the Giants interests lie? And who do we predict they’ll end up getting?

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We also took some time to answer a few questions from our readers and followers. Those range from speculation about the Tigers/Giants rumors to Shaei Otani. Be sure to read through our roundtable discussion and take a look at those as well!

Our staff involved in this discussion are Contributors: Michael Saltzman, Chris Estrada, and Taylor Corbin. Also in is the Editor, and yours truly, Daniel Sperry.

Let’s begin!