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San Francisco Giants Fans: What Do You Think of Jeff Kent?


On Monday, I explored Jeff Kent‘s candidacy for the National Baseball Hall of Fame, presenting an argument for why he should be in and debunking what I believe to be weak arguments against him. I was quite surprised, however, that more San Francisco Giants fans didn’t chime in.

It could be that my story was way too long (1,300-plus words), for which I apologize. I got carried away. That said, I want to know what you think: Is Jeff Kent a Hall-of-Famer? Also: When thinking of Giants greats, is Kent’s name one of the first to come to mind? Do you even consider Kent part of the Giants family?

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He did, after all, bounce around the league quite a bit; he even played for the…Dodgers…after his stint in San Francisco. And he once called Bay Area residents “dumb” for paying such high prices for housing. So it would be understandable if Giants fans didn’t feel as much love for him as, say, Buster Posey or Willie Mays. Or even Kent’s predecessor at second base, Robby Thompson.

But Kent’s best years came in San Francisco, including when he won the National League MVP in 2000 and tussled with fellow MVP Barry Bonds in the dugout in 2002. He has publicly stated that he would “absolutely” want to go into the Hall of Fame as a Giant, if such an opportunity would present itself, and that, despite mocking Bay Area residents for paying castle prices to live in mud huts (or something like that), San Francisco was his favorite place to play and live during his career.

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Okay, now, head to the “comments” section and share your thoughts on Kent……….