Brandon Belt In Running For All-Star’s Final Vote

By Gary Oversen

Brandon Belt failed to garner enough votes to overtake Anthony Rizzo at first base for the National League. But he still has a chance to play in San Diego, with the help of San Francisco Giants fans.

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SF Giants fans have an opportunity to show their undying support for their team by going to this link and voting for Brandon Belt.

Belt is most definitely deserving of the honor as his offensive production (AVG: .295 HR: 10 RBI: 44) indicates.

Taken along with his great glove, Belt is in line with many of the top sluggers in the game, and without his consistent numbers, the Giants record wouldn’t be close to what it is.

After several years of fluke injuries, Belt is entering a period where he may be competing for an All-Star spot every year.

This is a good time to show the rest of the baseball world what kind of fans the Giants have.

The Chicago Cubs have stuffed the ballot this year, sending their entire Infield, as well as an outfielder. 

This isn’t to say that Rizzo isn’t deserving, he definitely is. But so is Belt, and it would be ashamed if he isn’t given his due in a year where he is putting it all together.

Around the Foghorn salutes the Giants who have helped put the team in first place. And along with the additions of Madison Bumgarner, Johnny Cueto, and the announcement that Buster Posey was voted in to start behind the plate, the Giants will have a pretty good representation in San Diego.

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Let’s get Belt in!!