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San Francisco Giants:Slow And Steady Approach Will Pay Off


As the season approaches, players will see increased playing time. But for now, the team will take the opportunity to be patient with most of their roster.

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Denard Span will make his first start in center tomorrow, but Madison Bumgarner will be held back a start or two.

This is all the proper approach that a team with few questions should take. Bruce Bochy and his staff have been able to assess the depth that they will have in the minors, and know who it is they want to bring up when they need an extra body.

Having starters like Bumgarner and Johnny Cueto miss a start or two, or Hunter Pence being delayed, might send some fear into some fans. But the spring is just the place to get all of the ailments out of the way and head into the season with everyone healthy.

The most important thing in the Cactus League is to get your timing down as a hitter, and repeat your delivery on the mound as a pitcher. These players now continue training in the off-season. SO it’s very rare for a player to come to camp too out of shape. That is, unless you enjoy bamboo and kung-fu.

But that ship has sailed, And the team is filled with veterans who have been there, and done that. And young veterans who have also seen the final out. This group has a built-in amount of integrity and respect that anyone who comes into that clubhouse can feel.

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It should be a quality season for San Francisco Giants baseball. So its smart for the team to keep them healthy enough to last until October.