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Red Sox Fan begs Bruce Bochy to take back Pablo Sandoval


After celebrating the signing of Pablo Sandoval just over one year ago, some Red Sox fans are ready to give up on him after one horrendous season. One bold Boston fan headed to the San Francisco Giants Fan Fest to plead with the Giants’ skipper to take back his former third baseman.

Poor Pablo. It seems someone always has something to say about him.

In San Francisco, Giants’ fans couldn’t stand his weight. Now, in Boston, Red Sox fans can’t stand him. Period.

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After a disastrous first season in Boston, some Red Sox fans are already fed up with the Kung-Fu Panda. Who could blame them? Pablo had career-worsts in practically every major stat-keeping category. He didn’t post numbers as poorly as 2015 since his rookie season in 2008. Even then, he managed to post better numbers in almost every category, regardless of having a third of the games played.

Pablo was brought to Boston alongside Hanley Ramirez to shore up the Boston lineup and to provide some veteran presence. Neither signing has panned out, as Pablo put up career-worst numbers and Ramirez had a down year as well. To top it all off, the Red Sox finished in the cellar of the AL East. And it seems some fans are ready to quit on Pablo.

In a recent fan interview at the Giants’ fan fest, a Red Sox fan managed to sneak in the audience, get ahold of the mic, and beg Bruce Bochy to take back Pablo Sandoval. Hilarity ensues in this video, courtesy of Deadspin and J. Johnston. The Red Sox fan then gets hilariously booed by the entire crowd.

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Bochy didn’t respond to the poor Red Sox fan, but I think it goes without saying that all Giants faithful are happy with Matt Duffy manning the hot corner.