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San Francisco Giants:Brandon Belt Signs A One Year Deal


In a move that keeps both sides from having to plead their case, the San Francisco Giants have agreed to a one-year contract with Brandon Belt for $6.2 million.

The deal was first reported by Henry Schulman via Twitter:

The amount of the deal was then disclosed by Jon Heyman:

The two sides were reportedly far apart with the team filing for $5.3 million and Belt’s camp asking for $7.5 million. They ended up meeting close to the middle which would have been $6.4 million.

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The deal does not mean that the team is necessarily done talking to Belt about a long-term deal. On the flip side, it also does not guarantee that Belt will be in San Francisco this upcoming year either.

Belt’s primary position is first base, and his defensive ability there is well above average. There aren’t too many balls that he can’t pick over there, and that gives Brandon Crawford, Matt Duffy, and Joe Panik the ability to just get the ball in the vicinity.

However, as good as Belt is, he is still playing a position that seems to be earmarked for Buster Posey in the future. So a deal that extends Belt through the next five years may be tricky.

With a breakout year this season, Belt will really put the team in a tough spot. First baseman who can hit the ball like Belt consistently are hard to find. Mark Grace comes to mind as a player who Belt is comparable to, and a long-term deal would be a no-brainer if not for Posey’s need for a spot after he comes out from behind the plate.

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Even with an extension that makes financial sense for the team and Belt, a future trade is not out of the question. It may be even more likely with a deal that is reasonable. But the team has solved its final contract issue of this off-season, and now it is full steam ahead into spring training.