San Francisco Giants: Top Five Free Agent Signings

By Sean O'Leary
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Ray Durham

Ray Durham was signed to a three year, $20.1 million deal with the Giants, with a $7 million player option which he did in fact exercise. Prior to the signing, Durham was a career .278/.352/.430 hitter. He could hit for average, he was about a 15 homer a year guy, and he could also steal some bags. He was an all around solid player, and a good hitting second baseman, which they needed since the departure of Jeff Kent.

Durham hit .286/.362/.451 with 37 homers and 160 RBI’s. Durham became a solid option for the Giants in the top half of the order, which they needed since they no longer had Kent. In those 3 years, he also accumulated a 7.6 WAR. He struggled a bit in the field at times, which was nothing that Kent didn’t go through.

After three successful years, the Giants resigned Durham to a two year, $14.5 million deal. In those two years, he added another 30+ home runs and 160+ RBI’s.

Durham’s Giants career came to an end in the middle of the 2008, when he was traded to the Milwaukee Brewers for minor leaguers Steve Hammond and Darren Ford. In his full 6 years, with the Giants, he hit .276/.352/.445, with 77 homers and 356 RBI’s. He also posted a 10.4 WAR in those 6 years, and was a good replacement for the former, borderline Hall of Fame second baseman, Jeff Kent.

Ray Durham also has a special place in my heart, as I was in attendance for the June 25, 2006 game in which he walked off the A’s with a three run homer.

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