San Francisco Giants: Top Five Free Agent Signings

By Sean O'Leary
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Bengie Molina

Ahh, Bengie. A beloved Giant in the eyes of the fans. He was really one of the most lovable players in baseball.

After the 2006 season, Molina signed a 3 year, $16 million dollar deal with the Giants. Molina then became the every day catcher for the Giants. For a little over three years, he was one of, if not the most, loved players on the Giants. He hit .276/.303/.427 with 58 home runs and 273 RBI’s. He also had a 1.7 WAR. He posted above average offensive numbers for his position, which has never been known for putting up huge offensive numbers. He was never a big power hitter, but he was an asset to the Giants offense all around. As for his defense, it was good. He put up a .995 fielding percentage twice in his career with the Giants.

Before the 2010 season, Molina re-signed with the Giants, signing a 1 year, $4.5 million contract.

However, Molina’s Giants career came to an end halfway through the 2010 season. With the emergence of rookie phenom Buster Posey, Molina was traded to the Texas Rangers. Giants fans had to say goodbye to a loved player of their team. Luckily though, they wouldn’t have to wait too long to see him again. During his first game back at AT&T during the World Series, the fans gave him a standing ovation. He did end up getting a ring, since he was a member of the Giants in the 2010 season.

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