San Francisco Giants:Top 10 SF Giant Playoff Teams Part 2

By Gary Oversen
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2. 2010 Giants

This was easily the hardest decision to make. Sentimentally, this team is the one that broke through the proverbial wall. It was the team that made all of the bitterness wash away.

It was a gritty bunch, with contributions from all over the place.

With 92 wins in the regular season, and 11 more in the playoffs, they equalled the 103 that was won by the 1993 team (probably the best Giants team not to make the playoffs.) The playoff opponents showed less resistance than the other two championship years. (They lost four games total, and were never really threatened in any series.)

Guys like Pat Burrell, Cody Ross, Aubrey Huff and Freddy Sanchez were all huge in what they provided to the team. Burrell, Ross, Huff and Juan Uribe coming out of nowhere.

But again, just like in the other two, Buster Posey was the epitome of a leader after winning the job from Bengie Molina.

2010 was the “relief” World Series, where all of those who had been holding our collective breath could finally exhale. It was the one that I was more happy about for the older fans who had put in more years than me.

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