San Francisco Giants:Top 10 SF Giant Playoff Teams Part 2

By Gary Oversen
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4. 1962 Giants

There is a good possibility that we are watching a few Hall of Fame players on the team right now. But we know already that the 1962 Giants featured Willie Mays, Willie McCovey, and Orlando Cepeda. And none of them led the team in hitting (Felipe Alou did, with a .316 batting average.) Mays had 49 home runs and Cepeda had 35. McCovey hit 20 on 91 games.

As for the pitchers, Juan Marichal and Gaylord Perry are in the Hall. But Jack Sanford led the way with 24 wins. (Marichal had 18 and Perry had 5 in limited action.)

Even a young Manny Mota, later a fixture with the Dodgers, was on the team, as was a young Mike McCormick.

The team won 103 games. including the two out of three the team won in the three game playoff with the Dodgers to end the regular season. Back then, the winners of the two leagues went straight to the World Series.

So less games meant that the Giants won 106 total with their four games to three loss to the New York Yankees in the series.

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