San Francisco Giants:Top 10 SF Giant Playoff Teams Part 2

By Gary Oversen
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The recent successes of the franchise have made some newer or younger fans a little spoiled. But even without a championship ring, some years still felt like winning years. Here are the top 10 Giants playoff teams in the San Francisco era.

There are two teams that didn’t quite make the cut. One of the best San Francisco Giants teams of all time, the 1993 club, did not make the playoffs, even after winning 103 games. That year started a real discussion about the wild card format.

Then after the wild card was introduced, the Giants had to travel to Miami to play the wild card team instead of home-field going to the division-winning Giants. Which required a rule change a second time.

That 1997 team almost made this list. They won 90 games, but failed to win any in the postseason. That team is the only postseason participant to not make the top ten, as the team has made it to the postseason eleven times since moving to San Francisco in 1958.

Here are the best playoff teams 5-1.

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