San Francisco Giants:Options For The Last Spot On The Bench

By Gary Oversen
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Grant Green

It’s interesting sometimes to see a player bounce around after their first team has trouble finding a spot for you. Drafted 13th overall by the Oakland Athletics in 2009, Green made a minor splash his first full season as high Single-A, hitting .318 with 20 home runs and 87 RBI’s as a shortstop in 2010.

The following year he hit .291, which was his lowest batting average in his minor league career. His career average is .309, and whether he now projects more as an outfielder than an infielder is anyone’s guess. But luckily the Giants have the flexibility to try him in both places, and rely on his bat off the bench.

The comparable with the bat to a former Giant would be Jeff Keppinger.

With Tomlinson in place, and Blanco/Pagan/Parker filling the needs in the outfield, there may be a spot for a hit-first utility guy who can spot-play once in a while.

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Luckily for the Giants there aren’t that many holes to fill. The team did its heavy lifting when they acquired Johnny Cueto, Jeff Samardzija, and Denard Span. Now we will wait and see how this whole thing shakes out in spring training.