San Francisco Giants:Options For The Last Spot On The Bench

By Gary Oversen
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Trevor Brown

Sure it’s a stretch, but one worth exploring. The Giants just might be able to carry three catchers this year.

With Posey still the primary catcher, the backup spot is still the least valuable on the team. That is because while most sluggers are ready to hit at all times, Andrew Susac has to sit. They can’t waste him early in games, because he is there just in case.

But what Trevor Brown did late last year is at least make the Giants brass think. Brown has some extensive experience playing second base as well as being behind the plate. In 2013 he played 88 games there, so he does have some value there as well.

But most importantly it gives Susac the ability to be the first pinch-hit option off the bench. It also allows Bochy to rest Posey for a full day, knowing that the staff is still in good hands.

This move would likely be made due to Susac’s abilities, and the need to develop him as a future starter, or a great trade piece.

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