San Francisco Giants:Options For The Last Spot On The Bench

By Gary Oversen
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Mac Williamson

One day, before a Giants/Rockies game, I went out and watched batting practice. I was seeing shots hit by one of the Rockies, just absolute rockets off of the left field wall. The man hitting those balls was Michael Cuddyer. And I see a lot of similarities in the way the balls come off of their bats.

Williamson hit 13 home runs in two levels of the minor leagues last year after he was out almost the entire previous year due to injury. But he had 25 home runs in 2013, and still projects to hit major league pitching well.

His experience is primarily in the corner outfield positions, so he doesn’t provide the flexibility that some of the other candidates do.

But boy does the ball jump off of his bat, and he could end up hitting his way into the opening-day left field job.

Stranger things have happened.

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