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San Francisco Giants:Options For The Last Spot On The Bench

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It’s always a good thing when a baseball team knows that 92% of their roster is set. As the San Francisco Giants move into spring training, there might be a competition for one reserve and one more arm. Let’s take a look at the ones who will battle it out. Now we will look at the bench:

So let’s run this down real quick. We’ve got Buster Posey, Brandon Belt, Joe Panik, Brandon Crawford, Matt Duffy, Hunter Pence, Denard Span, and a concoction of Angel Pagan / Gregor Blanco.

If Bruce Bochy decides to go with a 12-man pitching staff, which he should be able to do with a better starting staff, that would leave 4 more spots available after Pagan and Blanco share time in the outfield and being valuable off the bench. One of those spots goes to the backup catcher, and at the moment, Andrew Susac is in line to win that job.

With Kelby Tomlinson showing that he could handle multiple positions, as well as wield a consistent bat, Joaquin Arias was allowed to vacate the utility role for a younger, cheaper for now, alternative.

The last of the so-called locks is probably the one with the most to show in the spring. Before last season, Jarrett Parker was a middling hitter, averaging around .250 with decent power. But he has seemed to find his strike zone over the last two seasons, showing a strong push in 49 at-bats late last year. His left-handed power bat would be something the team needs to balance out the bench, and give Bochy a perfect designated hitter when playing in American League parks (let’s hope the rule stays that way).

So who do we have left to come off of the bench?

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