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San Francisco Giants:One Hit Blunders (Part Two)

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Snow at Candlestick Park? Felt like that every time I was there.

We have mentioned some of the players who came in and enhanced the San Francisco Giants, even with their brief stays. But what about those guys who were a bust?(Part Two) And yes, that is snow at Candlestick.

There have been some decent players who have played one season with the Giants and then moved on. Some of them were good before, during, and after their time in San Francisco.

But some just couldn’t get it together with the team, and failed to live up to expectations. Whether it was one moment that sealed the deal, or an entire season that was lost, the team never got the value it desired.

Most of these players were at the end of their careers, but still were being counted on to provide some production (and they were taking a roster spot away from a potential prospect that could have been getting valuable experience).

Part two.

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