San Francisco Giants:One Hit Wonders (Part Two)

By Gary Oversen
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Melky Cabrera (Bonus)

Like it or not, he’s one of the most logical choices for this list. He was fantastic on the field, played less than one year with the team, and helped the team stay ahead of the Dodgers up until his suspension midway through August.

Of course we would come to find out that the numbers that were produced weren’t necessarily obtained within the rules. But they don’t take away the wins from the team, and he still contributed a lot to their success.

I mean, they got him for Johnathan Sanchez and Ryan Verdugo, they weren’t expecting Barry Bonds. They got Randy Winn. And that was a good thing.

He played in 113 games and broke Winn’s record of hits in a month with 51 in the month of May. He made the All-Star team, having the most votes in the NL, and was the MVP of the game. (Leading the NL to win, and therefore give the home-field advantage to them in the World Series.) Which, again helped the Giants once they got there.

He hit .346 with 11 homers and 60 runs driven in, and 10 triples. He was easily a frontrunner for the MVP before his suspension.

He left the team in a way completely opposite of the way Mike Morse did. Had to be some shame within, and the team needed to keep moving. So there was no time to heal things.

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