San Francisco Giants:One Hit Wonders (Part Two)

By Gary Oversen
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Marco Scutaro

When the Giants traded Charlie Culberson to the Colorado Rockies, they were looking for a veteran utility player who could be counted on to handle the bat. They were searching for Jeff Keppinger, and they got Randy Winn.

Marco Scutaro hit .362 down the stretch in 2012, and played a very clean second base. He was a master at getting the bat on the ball, and helped bring a calming presence in the clubhouse.

All that was already making for a great trade, but then he hit .500 (14-28) in the NLCS against the St. Louis Cardinals, which cemented his place in Giants history. And his stare up into the rain as the team clinched their trip to the world series was priceless. And he was named NLCS MVP.

He played the following year with the team, which technically should disqualify him from this list, since he hit .297 in 127 games and made the All-Star team, hence not really a one hit wonder. But he went down to a back injury the following year, which ended his career after playing just five games in 2014. He gave his last baseball breaths to the San Francisco Giants, just as Freddy Sanchez had, and so he deserves to be honored for his brilliance.

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