San Francisco Giants:One Hit Wonders (Part Two)

By Gary Oversen
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Cody Ross

He was a waiver-line pickup. The Giants were just trying to block him from going to the San Diego Padres, who were in front of them in 2010.

Cody Ross only played in 33 regular season games with the team that year. He hit .288 with 3 home runs, and not much that was memorable. Until the playoffs.

Playing in place of Jose Guillen, Ross became the NLCS MVP by hitting .350 with 3 home runs against the Philadelphia Phillies. His 2-home run performance in game one of the series against Roy Halladay really set the stage for the entire series.

He came back on a one-year deal the following year, but after injuries kept him from starting the year, he was allowed to sign with the Boston Red Sox after 2011.

His play in the NLCS will always be remembered for its place in San Francisco Giants history.

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