San Francisco Giants:One Hit Wonders (Part One)

By Gary Oversen
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The Swing That Saved The Season

Edgar Renteria

This is the epitome of a one hit wonder for the Giants.

Edgar Renteria was signed to replace Omar Vizquel at short. He already had a solid career, but he was on the other side of his prime.

It was his playoff experience that they ended up cashing in on, but more on that in a moment.

Renteria was signed December 4th of 2008. He was the primary shortstop in 2009, but injuries and the resurgence of Juan Uribe allowed him only 72 regular season games in 2010.

But then came the playoffs, and Renteria was not phased in the least because of his extensive experience in the spotlight.

He went 2-2 in limited action in the NLDS against the Atlanta Braves. And then after a lackluster NLCS versus the Philadelphia Phillies, he hit .412 in 5 games against the Texas Rangers.

But it was that one hit, a 3 run shot off of Cliff Lee in the seventh inning, that made him the MVP of the World Series. It also allowed all fans of the San Francisco Giants to breathe a collective sigh of relief, because they were finally able to call their team the champions.

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He went on to play just one more season in Cincinnati with the Reds, but he was able to squeak out one more magical moment in 2010 with the Giants. And with that one hit, he became a wonder.