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San Francisco Giants:One Hit Wonders (Part One)

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In the long history of the San Francisco Giants, there have been plenty of guys who were loved very deeply, even if their stay was brief. We even had one a short time ago, who helped bring the team a third championship.

There isn’t anything better than watching a player catch lightning in a bottle and put together a year that is memorable. It can be a great playoff run, or just a summer where the swing was just perfect.

These aren’t pitchers who consistently threw one-hitters. They aren’t a group of hitters who lost their mojo when they came to the team. These are players who gave the team one magical year, then were either traded, released, retired, or just never captured the magic again.

The following San Francisco Giants were players who stole our hearts, even if it was for just a second.

Here are the One Hit Wonders.

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