San Francisco Giants:Projected 25 Man Roster – Part Two (Outfield and Bench)

By Gary Oversen
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Oct 22, 2014; Kansas City, MO, USA; San Francisco Giants center fielder Gregor Blanco hits a solo home run against the Kansas City Royals in the first inning during game two of the 2014 World Series at Kauffman Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports


  • RF – Hunter Pence
  • CF – Angel Pagan
  • LF – Gregor Blanco, Jarrett Parker, Mac Williamson, or an acquisition

Hunter Pence is a lock in right, unless an outfielder is acquired that can only play there. And even then, Pence knows that wall in right better than anyone, so he probably stays there either way. (He could easily transition to left though if such a case came up. He is a grinder at the plate, and gives 100% every game he plays.

Angel Pagan is on the other side of his peak performance. But still showed glimpses of his old self. If he plays in 106 games in center this year for the team, he will be in the top 5 in games played at that position in franchise history. Pretty impressive with the history that this team has. He may move over to left if the team finds an elite center fielder this year. But the team seems like it is looking for someone to play left this year, and slide over to center the following.

Sep 26, 2015; Oakland, CA, USA; San Francisco Giants center fielder Jarrett Parker (47) celebrates his grand slam home run with teammates in the eighth inning of their MLB baseball game with the Oakland Athletics at Coliseum. Mandatory Credit: Lance Iversen-USA TODAY Sports

Gregor Blanco is the most valuable fourth outfielder in the game. His ability to play all 3 outfield positions, and get on base when he is given an opportunity. Unfortunately, the lack of depth in the system has forced Blanco into a starting role, and it takes away his value. He can be a starter, it is just better for the team when he doesn’t have to.

Jarrett Parker and Mac Williamson are both wild cards because of their youth, and the way the ball jumps off of their bats. If either one of them was given a clear opportunity to win the left field position out of spring training, it could be a great help to the title hopes. Hitting it hard as a September call up is one thing, but once pitchers get film on you, it is harder to be consistent. And you must learn to adjust.

The last option is one of the free agents or a player available in a trade. Speculation is that it would be a player like Dexter Fowler or Gerardo Parra, with their ability to play center and left a major importance.

And then there is always Christian Arroyo. Not all Giants shortstop draftees get to play there in the big leagues. Just ask Joe Panik and Matt Duffy. So if Arroyo makes it to the team soon, it will most likely be in the outfield.

What a story that would be huh? 4 players drafted as shortstops starting for the same team at the same time. That is one to watch.

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