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San Francisco Giants: Fare Thee Well Old Friends – Some Giants Move On

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Tim Lincecum

is coming off his best start of 2014, striking out 11 and allowing only 1 run in 7.2 innings against the Atlanta Braves. Mandatory Credit: Lance Iversen-USA TODAY Sports

**Tim Lincecum

**This is still in question as of this article. But if he is healthy, and shows some zip on his fastball at his showcase (scheduled in January) then he may see some good offers from other teams. The Giants have already filled the rotation gaps that they went into this off-season with. If Tim Lincecum is given the choice of earning his way into the middle relief role with the Giants, or a good chance at a number four or number five-spot in a rotation, he is likely to bolt. And wouldn’t you.

His time with the Giants has still been an excellent value for he franchise. Even if the payments are backwards. (Lincecum‘s greatest years came when he was making the least amount of money, then he got paid later.) Most teams don’t reward their players like the Giants do, they let them walk.

Think about that, he made $405,000 in 2008 and $650,000 in 2009. In those years, he led the NL in strikeouts, made two All-Star games, and won two cy young awards. All while making just over $1 million dollars. Any thing he made after that was justified, and the Giants and their fans are still happy with their return.

More on Lincecum later.

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