San Francisco Giants: Fare Thee Well Old Friends – Some Giants Move On

By Gary Oversen
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Nori Aoki, Mike Leake, Alejandro De Aza, and Marlon Byrd

Only Nori Aoki was with the team the entire year. And even then he was hurt for a good portion. But he did show the ability to put the bat on the ball. His percentage of quality at bats was very high, and he will continue to have success at the plate. His biggest issue was his health, shakiness in the field and the need for more power at that position.

Mike Leake was a quality pick up, just not enough time to really get to know what he would do at AT&T Park. His toughness was apparent, and a reunion with the team looked like a possibility. But after getting Jeff Samardzija and Johnny Cueto, the team was set in the rotation. And Leake signed with the St Louis Cardinals.

Alejandro De Aza was an interesting player to bring to the team last year. His value is similar to that of Blanco. And you really only need one of those per team. He recently signed with the New York Mets to platoon with Juan Lagares in center field.

Marlon Byrd was picked up to provide some thump in the lineup. He played in 39 games and hit 4 home runs and drove in 31. He would have had some real value had the Giants made it to the playoffs, but it didn’t work out. His playing time was curtailed when they were out of the race, and Byrd’s contract failed to vest due to insufficient plate appearances.

As of this article, Byrd is still a free agent. A reunion is still possible, but unlikely.

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