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San Francisco Giants: Fare Thee Well Old Friends – Some Giants Move On

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Freddy Sanchez

Freddy Sanchez announced his retirement from baseball today, his 38th birthday, and it closes the book on the career of a fine baseball player.

Sanchez became a Giant in a mid-season trade in 2009. The Giants gave up the “other” top 25 pick in the 2007 draft (the other being Bumgarner), in Tim Alderson. He was projected as a top of the rotation guy, so the Giants were giving up a lot to get Sanchez.

He paid off, and then some hitting .292 in 2010 with high quality defense and a very fine postseason.

Unfortunately, he was unable to make it back from shoulder problems. But even in limited duty, he did take home a ring.

So Freddy Sanchez, you were a good Giant.

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