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San Francisco Giants: Top 5 free agent options to fill the rotation

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As the temperatures have fallen, the hot stove has also remained cold. But if the San Francisco Giants want to check off some holiday shopping, these are five (or six) arms they could be inquiring about.

The Giants development of young arms and infielders has given them the ability to focus their free agent search on specifics. They not only have a good idea of what they want to shop for, but also a lot of leverage on their side.

Agents will always do what’s best financially for their client. But a players’ desire to win, and play on a team that is comfortable, sometimes trumps a few dollars. That is where the Giants have an advantage.

AT&T Park is also an excellent place to pitch with its ability to keep a lot of balls from reaching the outfield stands. The team also has Hunter Pence playing the most formidable position in baseball, right field at AT&T, as well as Buster Posey behind the plate. And then you have Brandon Crawford at short. He just signed a six-year extension and also was awarded his first Gold Glove award. He has a great chance to add on to that, as Andrelton Simmons has been traded to the American League.

So with all of these factors, along with the showers of praise that have been given to the franchise by former pitchers, the Giants should be able to get a pitcher (or two) at fair market value. Hitters on the other hand…..well we will talk about that later.

Jordan Zimmerman recently signed with the Detroit Tigers, getting a reported $110 million over five years. The financial cost, and loss of a draft choice, may have made that deal too rich for the Giants.

Let’s take a look at a few other arms that the team might be willing to make a deal with, and why they may or may not take it.