2015 San Francisco Giants Awards: MVP, Cy Young, Rookie of the Year, and more

By Danny Vietti
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Most Valuable Player Award

#28 Buster Posey C

What more is their to say about this guy, Posey? He’s one of the top-5 overall hitters in the game, top-5 catchers in the game, and would also be in the top-5 leaders in the game. Posey is the ideal example of a soft spoken player who leads by example.

Here’s what Florida State Assistant Coach Mike Martin Jr. said of his former shortstop (via JockBio.com):

“Buster is good people. Everything you hear from other people in the business, they all say just how unique and special Buster is. He’s a special person who cares about how other people feel.”

We’ve already listed his stats for the year, including being top-20 in overall WAR. San Francisco made one of the smartest decisions to sign Posey to a 9 year/$164 million contract through 2021. Whether he is playing first base catcher, or in the future if he gets moved to third base, the results will be the same. Posey is the picture-perfect baseball player.

In the next few seasons with the Giants, there will be guys retiring, traded, released, and demoted, but the one guy who we can always count on is our catcher from Leesburg, Georgia–Buster Posey.