San Francisco Giants: 5 fun facts about rookie Kelby Tomlinson

By Ethan Varian

Kelby Tomlinson has made quite a splash with San Francisco Giants fans since his big league debut last week in Atlanta, and he’s slated for another start at second tonight against the Washington Nationals.

Here are five fun facts about the rookie utility man—and your girlfriend’s new favorite player.

1. He’s got wheels

Tomlinson is an excellent athlete and was one of the top base stealers in the Giants’ farm system. He stole 49 bags over a full season in Double-A and once recorded five steals in a single game with the Flying Squirrels.

2. He was housemates with Matt Duffy

Plenty of comparisons have already been made between the two rookies, and according to Andrew Baggarly, the two were even roommates in Double-A Richmond.

3. He doesn’t really need those black-rimmed glasses

According to Baggs, Tomlinson actually has around 20/30 vision in both eyes but feels the glasses provide extra sharpness in night games. Many have commented that the thick rims make him look like Clark Kent, but a much better comp is actually a young Matt Damon

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4. His siblings’ names are Krysten, Kameron, and Kollin.

Almost as charming as Madison Bumgarner dating a girl named Madison Bumgarner.

5. He’s a huge Buster Posey fan.

Speaking to his alma mater, the Seward County Saints, Tomlinson recounted his first big league hit by saying, “Once I got back to the hotel and started thinking about the game, I think the thing even cooler than getting my first hit was [that] Buster Posey drove me in!”