San Francisco Giants parody ‘Full House’ intro song with ‘Full Clubhouse’

By Matthew Connolly

On Friday, the San Francisco Giants video team released perhaps its best work of the season, cutting a parody of the Full House theme song in advance of the team’s promotional night honoring the late-80s/early-90s sitcom.

I thought nothing could top the Tim Lincecum-Bruce Lee “interview,” but I stand corrected.

No, Full Clubhouse doesn’t boast any sleek splicing, but it does have full-grown baseball players pretending to be kids and “Everywhere You Look”—which, by the way, was crafted by the same man who brought us the opening themes for Family Matters and Step by Step.

Ah, TGIF. The good ol’ days.

Before I completely space out on my stroll down memory lane, let’s take a minute to run down the best, funniest and awkwardest moments of this *San Francisco treat.


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  • Leading off…sporting a white blazer and acoustic guitar…Brandon “Jooohn Staaamooos” Crawford! The resemblance is uncanny, even though the shortstop himself isn’t a fan of the comparison. George Kontos, an actual Greek guy, has to feel snubbed here.
  • Who else but babyfaced Joe Panik could double for Mary-Kate & Ashley? Maybe Buster Posey a few years ago, but he’s all grown up now (and has the sort-of-goatee to prove it).


  • Bruce Bochy pulling the portrait switcheroo on Jeremy Affeldt was priceless. The father-son dynamic is a little odd, though. I wonder what Brett thinks about all this…
  • The vintage jacket deserves a lot of credit here, but Matt Duffy nailed the Dave Coulier impersonation. No shades in the dugout, meat.


  • I almost grouped this in with the funny, but Javier Lopez took his frisbee follow-up a little too far. Good effort, still.
  • Coullier capping things off didn’t really do it for me. Maybe Popeye just isn’t meant for this day and age.

I never knew I missed Full House this much. Or maybe just its rousing theme song. Either way, thanks for the reminder, guys.

*In case you were wondering why this is even a thing, the show took place in San Francisco, with the leading man (Bob Saget) playing a sports anchor-turned-morning show host. Huzzah!