San Francisco Giants: 10 waiver wire trade candidates in August

By Danny Vietti
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Jul 14, 2015; Cincinnati, OH, USA; Mandatory Credit: Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

#2. LHP Aroldis Chapman

I don’t believe that the Cincinnati Reds are done shopping their players. The poor records of the Reds in the past two years point to the fact that their guys are not getting it done. After trading Cueto to the Royals, I strongly believe Cincinnati will completely unload their roster with Jay Bruce and Aroldis Chapman next to go. The Giants have had interest in Chapman throughout the deadline (click here for more on the Giants interest in Chapman).

ESPN’s Jayson Stark has reported that the Reds asking price for Chapman is “exorbitant”. With that being said, Chapman is worth it. Acquiring Chapman would relieve Casilla of the pressure in the 9th and move him to the set-up-man role, allowing Romo and Javier Lopez to be righty and lefty-specialists only, respectably.

Ultimately, getting Chapman would relieve the Giants bullpen from so much stress, and this move may be the difference between losing in the NLDS or reaching their 4th World Series in 6 years.

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