San Francisco Giants roster rundown: Prospects (Martinez, Fox), call-ups (Pence, Osich) and more

By Matthew Connolly
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Prospects: Lucius Fox (SS), Eddy Julio Martinez (OF) and more

Fourteen more, to be exact. Let’s discuss the big boys first.

The Giants signed Lucius Fox (no, not that one), a top-five foreign prospect according to and Baseball America, as soon as the international signing period began. The deal—which included a $6 million signing bonus—was made official when the switch-hitting shortstop visited AT&T Park on Wednesday.

The Bahamas native fielded questions alongside former Giants skipper Felipe Alou—the man who personally scouted him…and sang his praises come media day.

“I believe he has the inside track already,” Alou said. “[His] speed and the way he attacks the ball from both sides of the plate is outstanding.”

Signing Fox was a major coup, but the real prize of the international pool remains Eddy Julio Martinez. The Cuban outfielder remains unsigned over a week into the process, but the Giants remain one of his top suitors.

Like a handful of other teams, the Giants are already in the tax, having far surpassed their allotted cap of $2 million and some change. With little to lose in handing out another hefty bonus, San Francisco is in good position to bring in EJM. Considering the state of their current outfield (read: Angel Pagan), it would be nice to see the Giants pony up.

A 20-year-old with tools that liken him to Andruw Jones? Yes, please.

Of the 14 others the Giants picked up, the only worth keeping tabs on right now are Venezuelans Ricardo Genoves (C, $500,000) and Jorge Labrador (RHP, $250,000).

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