5 San Francisco Giants who deserve a spot on the 2015 All-Star team

By Kit Duggan
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Traditionally, the lead-up to the All-Star game is a time of year where baseball enthusiasts band together in an attempt to outwit the incessant voting strategies of St. Louis Cardinals fans.  See if you can keep Matt Holliday out of the National League’s starting outfield, kids!

Most Giants fans find the Yadier Molina and Buster Posey competition particularly grating. As of last week, the Cardinal’s veteran catcher was leading Posey by about 100,000 votes. In fact, St. Louis has a player in the top three of each fielding position except first base. It stands to reason that red bird fanatics will make a valiant push in the coming weeks to make sure Matt Adams doesn’t feel left out.

But this is about the Giants! They’ve been playing awful well lately, and there will certainly be more than one representative of the Orange and Black in Cincinnati this July. As we all know, Bruce Bochy is once again the manager of the National League squad, so he’ll also have major influence over which pitchers and backup position players will make the journey to the third-largest city in Ohio.

With that said, here’s a list of five players who deserve a spot amongst baseball’s brightest stars.