Must-see video: Relive the World Series champion San Francisco Giants teams through anime

By Matthew Connolly

Once in a blue moon, we here at Around the Foghorn come across something in the Giants social media world that deserves an article all to itself.

Congratulations, Nat Lee of San Francisco: your anime anthems for the 2014 and 2012 World Series winning teams have done it. Shout out to YouTube for hosting and the Giants’ subreddit for making this all come together.

Let’s take in Nat’s most recent effort, shining light on the last leg of the dynasty:

Best things about this video, in no particular order:

  • The Japanese-to-English translations. Please be real.
  • Hunter Pence going hard (1:01)
  • The seamless splicing of clips from another show. Anyone else get Power Rangers flashbacks?
  • Evil Brian Sabean lurking in the shadows (1:11)
  • A muscle-bound Michael Morse, who looks like one of those roided-out comic book characters from the MLB’s questionable 2002 All-Star Game commercials.

Fantastic work, but not enough to satiate this baseball nerd’s anime fix.

Wait…there’s another one? YES.

A bit too much metal and drama for my taste, but still good. If only there was a 2010 edition to make the trio whole.

Until next time, kids. I have some karaoke to attend to.