In case you missed it: Tim Lincecum will sport expertly coiffed short hair in series opener vs. Dodgers

By Matthew Connolly

The Lincecum giveth, and the Lincecum taketh away.

Timmy came into Spring Training rocking the signature long hair from his Cy Young days, but all it took was one bad outing to send him back to the barbershop. This time, he went full hipster with a Macklemore-esque undercut:

If you’ll recall, this isn’t the first time Lincecum’s caused a stir by ditching his shoulder-length locks. The Internet nearly imploded when sketchy shots of his first new ’do hit social media in December 2012:

After a couple months in hiding,


Lincecum finally resurfaced in February, unveiling his short-haired, glasses-wearing self to the world. Of course, the new look drew a very diverse range of celebrity comparisons:

Note: Those are in descending order of awesomeness.

You really can’t fault Timmy for returning to his expertly-coiffed appearance. Back in the day, drunk wolf-whistles directed at the shag would be answered by clumsy swing-throughs on 95 mile-an-hour heaters and 12-to-6 curves in the dirt. If you really irked him, he would strike out the side.

But as we all know, those days of dominance are behind our favorite Freak. Though he looks to be much improved following a forgettable 2014, and will likely hold onto his spot in the rotation, the “long hair don’t care” approach is best suited for the Lincecum of old.

That is, unless was planning to bring back this cartoon series:

If that’s the case, then my vote goes to letting it grow.

For the time being, Lincecum will march on with a styling he hoped to resemble that of Matthew Healy, lead singer/guitarist for The 1975. I still say Macklemore is pretty accurate, though the man himself described it as more of “Skrillex thing,” according to Alex Pavlovic of CSN Bay Area.

Whatever helps you on mound tonight, Timmy. That’s what’s important.