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Hallelujah! San Francisco Giants re-sign Sergio Romo.

By Mark ONeill


The San Francisco Giants managed to consummate an offseason move, getting Sergio Romo locked up for two years with a fifteen million dollar deal, allowing the Giants to check one of their four areas of roster concern off the list. Many fans feel that Romo is the penultimate choice of right-handed reliever, to help maintain that late-inning magic so crucial to the Giants’ success.

Sergio’s numbers dipped this past season as a spate of solo home runs caused havoc with his ERA, but a continued ability to maintain a minute WHIP gave him a reprieve, as home runs hit with the bases empty are not as painful as those otherwise occupied.

Additionally, Romo’s willingness to accept a demotion to the set-up spot in the bullpen last summer, allowed the Giants to re-insert Santiago Casilla into the closer’s role, one he had fulfilled so admirably when Brian Wilson went down to injury in the opening weeks of the 2012 season.

With Romo calling SoCal home and with his dad appearing in all of those import car commercials alongside of him, the fear from this site was that Sergio would defect to the Dodgers, as so many have done before. Fortunately, with a well-deserved raise, and with his services secured through 2016, the Giants can be assured that their string of even-numbered world series appearances has the best chance of continuing.

With that thought in mind, Brian Sabean now needs to continue searching for the missing components to his lineup. With the Dodgers cleaning house, it may be that there is a white elephant available from the glut in the Chavez Ravine outfield.

Having Sergio’s diminutive frame juxtaposed alongside his gigantic heart, warms the cockles of Giants fans’ hearts, as he will continue to induce flailing bats with his devilishly deceitful slider.

Indeed, the Giants averted much emotional turmoil by inking Romo to a Giants contract. This is one time that listening to the heart made so much more sense than paying heed to the head.